Is The Beach The Right Place For Your Big Day?

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Do you love the ocean, the beach, the waves and the sun? Are you going to have a wedding in the near future? If the answer is yes to both questions, why not combine them in a beach wedding? Instead of opting for the average indoor wedding at a reception hall, you are far more likely to enjoy your wedding at a beach, as a person who loves the sand and the blue waters. But if you are still hesitating, continue on below for more reasons as to why a perfect wedding ceremony in Sydney might be just what you need:

Your holiday package (and your guests) – let us face it: a beach wedding is a holiday and celebrations rolled into a single package. And there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than to have your wedding reception and immediately be able to relax and have fun with your friends and family. Depending on which beach you pick for your celebrations, this might also mean a destination wedding, and everyone knows just how exciting and fun these celebrations can be!

You want a romantic but relaxed vibe – themes for weddings are very important, and not just because you have to explain what you want to your wedding decorations hire Perth, but also because they symbolize your personality (and your partner’s, of course) and what you feel best represents you. If the image you have is of relaxation with romantic vibes, a beach wedding can do you no wrong. Beach weddings do not have elaborate dresses or styles (and you can probably guess why), but the atmosphere can make for the most romantic photos of all time.

It is more affordable than you might think – whilst the sound of destination weddings and beach weddings might give you an idea of huge budgets, the truth is that they are actually far more affordable than you think. This is because beach weddings tend to come in packages – the hotels and resorts in these locations have experience with beach weddings, and they often package them to include decorations and many other parts of the planning stage. Not to add, you do not have to focus on booking a separate location for your parties and honeymoon.

There is less for you to plan and worry about – and lastly, if you consider the above point, beach weddings tend to have far less for you to worry about. Most of the equipment, decorations and other necessities for the wedding will likely be handled and planned by the hotel or resort you are staying in, meaning you can focus on the more important details of your wedding.